Who We Are — A small business women-led | Raraw Botanicals

Hi there! welcome to RaRaw Botanicals. We are a small women owned business creating gift sets that encourage self care and wellness. We’ve been creating gift sets for over 10 years and absolutely love what we do. We started an Etsy shop many years ago and from there we have ventured out of our comfort zone into the space of the world wide web. As scary and intimidating as this might be — we are ready to share our creative goodness with the world.

We love connecting people with our gift sets. Whether its a care package, client gift, birthday gift or a gift for mom to be — we hope to be your go to place when needing a gift for someone special.

Raraw Botanicals

Aromatherapy candles and salts to rebalance relax and rejuvenate the mind body and senses. www.rarawbotanicals.com

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